Frequently Asked Questions

About FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards

Q: What is FitDeck?

A: FitDeck is a unique deck of exercise playing cards containing illustrations and instructions describing different exercises, stretches, and movements. Our current line of 37 different FitDeck titles range from FitDeck Pilates to FitDeck Navy SEAL. Find out more info about FitDeck here.

Q: What’s the best way to use FitDeck cards?

A: There are hundreds of ways to use FitDeck cards depending on your fitness level, motivation, and resources available to you. The most basic way is to warm up, shuffle the cards, select a card, perform the exercise, and repeat as desired. Find more cool games and workout ideas here.

Q: How many cards should I start out with?

A: It depends on a number of factors: ability, age, fitness level, etc. An average person may choose to start off with five cards and then assess how they feel the next day. To be safe, most people begin using FitDeck cards every other day in order to allow for recovery time in between workouts. More advanced users may choose to begin with 15 – 20 cards in their first workout.

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Q: Where do I find out about new FitDeck games and workout ideas?

A: Visit the FitDeck Workouts section of this website, which categorizes games and routines according to personal profiles. You can also purchase the Games & Activities Booklet, which contains over 70 different games and activities to use with FitDeck. You will also find a sampling of games and workouts on the Information Cards included in your FitDeck.

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Q: Who will benefit from FitDeck?

A: People from age 5 to 85 years old can benefit from performing basic FitDeck exercises as long as they are taking into account their own personal abilities and limitations. It is always advisable to speak with your healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise program. It is well known that regular bouts of basic exercises and stretching will greatly improve your overall fitness and health.

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Q: What makes FitDeck special?

A: FitDeck is special because it is simple, convenient, and fun. There are hundreds of workout routines and programs out there. Unfortunately, not many of them take into consideration the challenges that most people face trying to fit exercise into their daily lives. FitDeck is special because it recognizes these obstacles and does its best to work through them with a simple and user-friendly product.

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Q: Do you have customer testimonials about the products?

A: Yes. We have hundreds of testimonials. Please click here for a small sampling.

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Q: Who invented FitDeck?

A: Phil Black invented FitDeck and founded the company in 2003.

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Q: Where did the idea come from?

A: The idea came from a card game that Black played while attending Yale University. He and his roommates would shuffle a deck of playing cards and do pushups for whatever card they selected (10 of spades = 10 pushups). Phil took this deck-of-cards workout idea and created FitDeck by incorporating dozens of exercises he later learned as a Navy SEAL.

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Q: How do personal trainers use FitDeck with their clients?

A: Personal trainers use FitDeck as a training aid and a fun diversion from the everyday grind. Trainers will take their client(s) on a run, walk, or hike and bring along the FitDeck cards. Periodically, the client will select a card and perform the exercise. This is a great way to get outside, away from the gym environment, and do exercises with nothing more than your bodyweight. Trainers also train their clients on how to properly perform all of the FitDeck exercises so that they can continue working out on their own while away on business, holiday, or vacation.

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Q: Can FitDeck help me lose weight?

A: Yes. Like most exercise programs, weight loss is a function of a two key variables – eating habits and exercise. FitDeck provides a convenient and fun means to exercise no matter what is happening in your life. To this end, FitDeck is a powerful tool in losing weight. Regular bouts of FitDeck exercises along with a balanced diet and proper hydration can get you 80% of the way to your goals.

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Q: Can I get an aerobic workout using FitDeck?

A: Yes. You can get a great aerobic workout by adjusting the way you use the FitDeck cards. Option 1: No rest between cards. The idea is to move quickly through the cards without spending much time recovering after each exercise. To enable a quicker pace, lower the number of repetitions you are performing on each card. If you normally perform reps at the intermediate level, bump down to the beginner level - but do not rest in between cards. This will keep your heart rate up, allow you to do more exercises, and give you a more aerobic workout. Option 2: Combine with other aerobic activities. Instead of a standard 30-minute jog around the neighborhood or track, perform a few FitDeck cards along the way. This will stoke the fires in your muscles causing greater anaerobic and aerobic gains.

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Q: Are the cards actual playing cards or just thick pieces of paper?

A: FitDeck Playing Cards are casino-quality poker cards that are made from the highest-quality German playing card stock on state-of-the-art printing presses. The cards are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of heavy use.

Q: Is FitDeck appropriate if I’m out of shape or just beginning an exercise program?

A: While it is always advisable to check with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program, FitDeck was created with the beginner in mind. As a beginner, you have the option to start off as slowly as you like (2 cards a day?) and select only the cards that you are comfortable performing. There is no manifesto that mandates what exercises in what order on what days you should do. FitDeck allows users to customize their experience by starting slowly and improving over time. Many FitDeck users have started at the beginner level and moved up to the advanced level within 6-12 months.

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Q: How is a FitDeck workout different from other types of training?

A: FitDeck is simple – no extraneous information or long-winded instructions. FitDeck is convenient – most FitDecks require no equipment and can be performed anywhere. FitDeck is fun – not many exercise formats provide the randomness and serendipitous outcomes that shuffling the cards will produce. FitDeck is a customizable experience – FitDeck allows you to begin at your own pace and ramp up as quickly as you like. FitDeck flexes as your life flexes.

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Q: How long is a typical FitDeck workout?

A: There is no right or wrong answer here. Depending on who you are and what type of workout you are looking for, FitDeck workouts can last from 2 minutes to 2 hours. A typical workout of 12 cards would probably last for about 15 minutes. Of course, the ultimate decision is up to you.

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Q: Can I use FitDeck as my primary mode of exercise?

A: Absolutely. Depending on your fitness goals, FitDeck can function as a muscle or cardiovascular builder – or both. By changing the way you use the cards, both types of outcomes are feasible. With the launch of our new 24 FitDecks, you could spend months using nothing but FitDecks and have new combinations of exercises and stretches indefinitely.

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Q: What kind of results should I expect?

A: Like many things in life, you should expect to get out of the program what you invest in the program. Some people choose to use FitDeck as their fitness ‘backup’ plan at home in case they miss their trip to the gym. Others are FitDeck fanatics and will experiment with every possible combination of cards and equipment. You should expect that FitDeck will flex with your needs and changing goals.

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Q: Can I customize a FitDeck with my company’s logo?

A: Yes. There are certain quantity minimums that must be met, but customizable FitDecks and/or cardholders are a popular item among healthcare companies, wellness organizations, schools, military, promotional companies, and personal trainers. Click here for more details.

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Q: Will this program benefit me if I’m already in great shape?

A: Yes. With our new array of 24 FitDeck titles, you will absolutely benefit from the FitDeck program. Even if you are a fitness expert in terrific shape, the unlimited combinations that can be created from this wide range of fitness programs is unmatched. If you are a Pilates expert, you may want to experiment with the Navy SEAL deck? If you are a martial arts specialist, maybe you should give Yoga a try?

Q: I have started a collection of FitDecks – how best can I use them together?

A: Mixing and matching cards from different FitDeck titles is the ultimate fitness experience. As you collect different FitDecks, begin to experiment with combining cards from different decks. You could put together a mixed set of bodyweight- only exercises from several FitDecks: Yoga, Bodyweight, Combat Sports, and Stretch. Think about how you will keep your body guessing during that workout. If you have equipment around the house, create a workout combining the FitDecks that are associated with those pieces of equipment. The bottom line is: the more you mix and match different decks, equipment, and the sequencing of the cards – the more fun it is.

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Q: When are you coming out with additional FitDeck titles?

A: We currently have a backlog of over 50 new FitDeck titles in production. Please click here to receive information about these new releases as they come out.

Product Questions

Q: Do I need equipment to use FitDeck?

A: It’s up to you. 14 of our 37 FitDecks are ‘no equipment needed’ decks – all you will need is you and your FitDeck (i.e. FitDeck Bodyweight). 10 FitDecks require specific pieces of equipment (i.e. FitDeck Dumbbell).

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Q: What is the difference between a FitDeck and FitDeck Boosters?

A: Two main differences: (1) number of cards in each deck, (2) equipment vs. no equipment. Our current lineup of eight FitDecks all contain 56 cards. They are foundation decks that cover broad categories of fitness and stretching. FitDeck Boosters, on the other hand, contain 26 cards. These decks are more specialized for certain types of exercises, environments, or equipment needs. Booster decks can be used by themselves or can be mixed and matched with other FitDecks to give any workout a “boost”.

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Q: Why do some FitDecks have 56 cards and others have 26 cards?

A: The 56-card FitDecks cover broad categories of fitness and stretching. The 26-card FitDecks are called Boosters because they are slightly more specialized and can be used to give your everyday workout a “boost”.

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Q: Can I mix and match different FitDecks and FitDeck Boosters?

A: We strongly encourage the mixing of different cards from different FitDecks. Not only does it make the workout experience more fun, but it also does the body good by surprising your muscles with unfamiliar sequences of exercises. Each FitDeck card has a nearly identical format making the reading and performing of the exercises seamless across all 37 FitDeck titles. Mixing titles will keep your workouts fresh, fun, and ever-changing.

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Q: What is the estimated delivery time for USPS Priority service?

A: Typical USPS Priority delivery times vary from 2-3 business days. All Orders are subject to a 2-3 business day processing and handling period prior to shipment. 

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Q: I have a promotional coupon code. Where do I enter it?

A: Please enter your promotional coupon code in the section labeled “coupon code” on the first page of the shopping cart, just below the list of products you are ordering.

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Q: What if I want faster shipping?

A: If you want faster shipping, please contact us here. We will try to accommodate your request - which may be subject to additional shipping charges which we will quote to you.

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Q: Can I ship to an address that’s different from my billing address?

A: Yes, simply select the “Ship to a different address?” option on the ordering page and enter the appropriate shipping address.

Affiliates and Distributors and Resellers

Q: I'm interested in selling FitDecks offline. Can I do that?

A: If you are interested in selling any of our products in your catalog, health club, retail space, etc., please click here.

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Other Questions

Q: Where do I submit suggestions for new FitDeck titles?

A: Please send us your suggestions for new FitDeck titles here.

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Q: Will you ever sell my personal information?

A: No. Your privacy is important to us. We will never willfully disclose personally identifiable information about our customers to any third party without prior consent. FitDeck, Inc. does not sell, share or rent any of the information collected on our sites to any third party in manners different from what is disclosed in our privacy policy.

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Q: What is your return policy?

A: We offer a 100% guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return it unopened and in its original packaging with original proof of purchase anytime within thirty days of purchase and we will refund the price you paid for the products. To return a product, you must first contact one of our customer service representatives at customerservice@fitdeck.com. They will provide with a return form for you to complete and, once the form is complete, an authorization code.